Experience the magic of RuGo!

RuGo is the ultimate geek-out destination to build and test unnecessarily complicated yet fun physics machines,
or as we call it, Physics Symphonies!

RuGo is a virtual space to create, visualize, and share Rube Goldberg machines. Unlike the physical world, RuGo allows people to prototype their creations in a sandbox environment where space and resources are not constrained.

Gameplay Features

Realistic Physics

RuGo players can select and insert a variety of different physics-based gadgets that can interact with one another in a realistic manner.

Load and Save Scenes

Users can easily save existing creations with a simple button press. Or they can load and edit an old scene that they've already made!

Easy Reset

In the real world, resetting every object is often one of the most tedious parts of creating a Rube Goldberg machine. But in RuGo, resetting everything is as easy as one button.

Cool Sound Effects

Many of the effects in the game feature realistic sounds, like the sound of a ball rolling across a floor, or a fan blowing air, or even a line of dominos getting knocked off in a series.


RuGo allows you to play and build with a number of different gadgets, each complete with their own unique properties.

Domino Path Gadget

Point and click to draw elaborate paths of dominos across the room without having to take even a single step!

Ball Gadgets

Comes in light and heavy versions and can be used to knock down dominos, trigger the cannon, and much more!

Ramp Gadgets

With the ramp, you can easily create a seemless path between two different heights for the ball gadget!     

Box Gadget

Useful for placing almost any gadget one. You can also compete with your friends to see who can create the tallest stack of boxes!

Cannon Gadget

Use this gadget to fire tiny projectiles at other objects in your scene, and with the built-in trajectory, aiming the cannon is super easy!

Floating Platform Gadget

Introduce verticality into your scene with floating platform gadgets that can be placed at any angle or height anywhere in the room!

Fan Gadget

Place the fan in front of any other gadget in your scene, then when the it is activated, watch the other gadgets get blown away by the fan's wind!

Airplane Gadget

You can put the airplane gadget anywhere in your scene, then watch as it takes off in front of you and interacts with other gadgets!

Goal Gadget

Place the goal in your scene to mark the end of the level. Then when your scene finishes, you can just sit back and watch the fireworks!

Creators of RuGo

Abhishek Bhatt, Darwin Mendyke, Devashree Shirude, Hsuan-Hau Liu,
Kishore Venkateshan, Michael Ray Root, and Sarah Riaz

RuGo in Virtual Reality

RuGo in Augmented Reality

Spectator View in Virtual Reality